We work only with organisations who inspire us to get involved and get creative.

Developing Dreams team members have worked for major news corporations, international development organisations, UK charities, public sector bodies, digital agencies and multi-national companies.

We love doing things that haven't been done before such as conducting a choir of mosquitoes and goats that made radio presenters laugh out loud and helped sell millions of pounds worth of charity gifts.

These are some of our current and past clients:

Our key services

If you are wondering how we could help you engage potential new customers or delight your existing ones, then let’s have a chat!

Our approach involves:

We strongly believe in developing and implementing integrated communications activities. It keeps the messages and tone of voice consistent when engaging with your target audiences. It helps you develop your brand.

If you don’t have time to find out how to best promote your business, campaign, products or services, then you are at the right place. Let us do the donkey work for you. Here is what we are good at:

Engaging the unengaged with:

Cutting edge strategies
We analyse your target audience, business and your competitors to help you develop your brand and write integrated communications strategies, action plans, and business plans.

Emerging technology:
We offer 3D body scanning and 3D printing services that involve meaningful experiences for participants. For Break the Mould, UK's first 3D body scanning and 3D printing art installation, people were able to walk inside a giant sculpture representing a womb, get digitised, and then watch themselves being 'reborn' on a 3D printer as a mini-mi sculpture.

Marketing, PR, Social Media campaigns:
We develop and implement integrated communications campaigns, organise newsworthy PR stunts, proactively pitch stories to your target media, provide press office services, increase your search engine visibility (SEO), and help you interact with your audience in social media. We also provide training in press office management and social media tailored to your needs.

Entertaining events:
We organise special events, art installations, photography exhibitions, media events, product launches, seminars, workshops, and conferences that complement your communications and raise your profile on one hand and funds on the other.

Delighting the disillusioned with:

Stunning photography:
We do product, portrait, travel, landscape, events, and music photography; we also research and develop newsworthy picture stories/case studies for your media and marketing campaigns.

Dynamic video/film:
We create corporate videos, quirky and funny videos with viral potential, video news releases, and short films with broadcast quality for your media campaigns.

Engaging writing:
We write light-hearted and serious copy for collateral, advertising materials, email campaigns, editorial features in multiple languages, short stories, and children’s stories.

Graphic design:
We design corporate brochures, sales literature, exhibition stands, flyers, reports, newsletters, social media profiles, mobile apps and websites of course.

Websites, ipad and mobile apps:
We design and develop websites, ipad and mobile apps from scratch, which includes user experience research to ensure your digital apps are easy to navigate and make sense to your target audience.

Efficient project management:
In order to deliver the above, we use Agile project management tools that are flexible and allow us to react quickly to new changes in your users' needs. We also have PRINCE2 certified project management practitioners who will lead your project to a successful outcome.

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